• Speaker 1
    Sophia Chia
    Product Marketing Manager 
  • Speaker 1
    Turner Pijpers
    Product Marketing Manger 
  • Speaker 3
    Kristin Leitch
    Product Marketing Manager
  • Speaker 4
    Shubangi Sunder
    Product Marketing Manager
  • Speaker 5
    Kristina Terziyska
    Product Marketing Manager
  • Speaker 6
    Raphael Nogueira Salvador
    Software Engineer

On-Demand Webinar

Dive into all things new at Miro

Miro’s What's New webinar is packed with an in-depth view of our most recent releases — and we’ve saved you a seat. See how you can leverage our top product innovations of the past quarter, coming straight from our Product Marketing Team. They’ll present live demos and have a Q&A at the end.


Learn from our Product Marketing team about:

  • Talktrack, which lets you collaborate async with interactive and immersive video and audio recordings embedded right on a Miro board.
  • Private Mode, which offers a safe space to share completely anonymous input and feedback, encouraging more honest insights.
    Mapping and diagramming improvements that make your diagrams stand out more.
  • Miro AI and how it can accelerate your product development workflows by automatically generating user stories.
    And much more!
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What’s New: Behind the Scenes with the Creators of "Talktrack" – featuring Jake Knapp

Bonus: You'll also get a behind-the-scenes look into Talktrack. Join Jake Knapp and other Talktrack creators as they share the backstory, development process, use cases, valuable insights, and tips and tricks for leveraging this new feature.

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