• Speaker 1
    Matt Egan
    Director of Technical Strategy 
  • Speaker 1
    Nakul Jamadagni 
    Group Product Manager
  • Speaker 3
    Steven Miller
    Head of Enterprise Partnerships
  • Speaker 4
    Lena Shenkarenko
    Product Marketing Lead, Core & Growth
  • Speaker 5
    Anne Pitkänen
    Product Marketing Manager
  • Speaker 6
    Jason G'Sell
    Custom Education Sr. Facilitator


As organizations define the new ways that they are operating, there is a critical need for automation to help scale secure collaboration with ease across the enterprise and beyond. Miro’s recent launch of its Connector for Okta Workflows and templates for Okta Workflows enables IT to do just that.

In this webinar, join product leaders from Miro and Okta and a joint customer to learn ways to speed up provisioning, deployment, and user onboarding, all with scale and security in mind.

What we'll be covering in this webinar:

  • Learn how to set up and get the most out of the Miro Connector for Okta Workflows and the Miro templates for Okta Workflows
  • Hear how Miro admins at industry leading companies are using Okta Workflows to improve user management and secure IP.
  • Identify immediate solutions to current pain points in user onboarding and management

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