• Speaker 1
    Jennifer Yzelman
    Group Product Marketing Manager,
    Product Development Workflows
  • Speaker 1
    Lena Shenkarenko
    Core Product Team
  • Speaker 3
    Sophia Chia
    Product Marketing Manager,
    Core Product
  • Speaker 4
    Kristin Leitch
    Product Marketing Manager,
  • Speaker 5
    Turner Pijpers
    Product Marketing Manager,
    Mapping and Diagramming

  • Speaker 6
    Kristina Terziyska
    Product Marketing Manager,
Ready to see what's new for you at Miro?

You're invited to Miro’s What's New product showcase webinar, featuring an in-depth view of our most recent releases. You’ll get to see our top product innovations of the past quarter, straight from our product marketing team. They’ll also present live demos and end the session with a Q&A.

Get ready to discover even more ways to empower hybrid teams to do more, together!

Updates covered in this webinar include:

  • Board enhancements: Learn how to paste content from spreadsheets directly as tables

  • Diagramming: New alignment guides and dimensions to help you create a great diagram

  • New apps: With Smartsheet and Miro you can easily convert sticky notes to rows in a new or existing sheet within Smartsheet

  • Estimation and Clustering updates: Estimate using t-shirt sizes and cluster sticky notes by author, giving you more flexibility

  • Diagram Import updates: Import diagrams with our PlantUML and Mermaid apps to magically re-create your diagrams in Miro

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