• Speaker 1
    Tyler Simons
    Head of RevOps and Customer Success
  • Speaker 1
    Jason Tanner
    CEO at Applied Frameworks
  • Speaker 3
    Lisa Castelein
    Product Marketing Lead
  • Speaker 4
    Jason G'Sell
    Custom Education Sr. Facilitator
  • Speaker 5
    Jason G'Sell
    Custom Education Sr. Facilitator
  • Speaker 6
    JaKyle Sosa
    Custom Education Sr. Facilitator

Virtual - On Demand

In this second episode of the Agile Experts webinar series, you'll learn about a fundamental approach to sustainable profitability: Customer Benefit Analysis.
Miro and Applied Frameworks hosts will be joined by Tyler Simons, Head of Customer Success from Fullcast, as we explore Customer Benefit Analysis.

Customer Benefit Analysis is a robust framework and process designed to answer two key questions that drive revenue:

  • What dimensions of our solution provide benefit to our customer?

  • What is the magnitude of the benefit? 

It captures the answers to these questions in a unified economic model based on tangible and intangible benefits. The results of the analysis drive pricing, positioning, and packaging choices. The information also drives product backlog prioritization decisions and provides business and product leaders with essential skills as they look to increase revenue and improve profitability.

During this one-hour live session, learn firsthand from Tyler how conducting a Customer Benefit Analysis improved revenue opportunities and highlighted key pricing and discounting initiatives that immediately impacted profitability.

We're excited to see you there!

Agile Expert Webinars by Miro and Applied FrameworksThis webinar is the second in a series produced in partnership with Applied Frameworks, where Agile experts spotlight what’s new in Agile to inspire and educate.

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