• Speaker 1
    Chon Intakeha
    Director, PMO - Business Technology | Guidewire
  • Speaker 1
    Curt Hodge
    Sr Director, Global Infrastructure | Dolby
  • Speaker 3
    Myra Freilich
    Associate Director | FINRA
  • Speaker 4
    Jason G'Sell
    Custom Education Sr. Facilitator
  • Speaker 5
    Jason G'Sell
    Custom Education Sr. Facilitator
  • Speaker 6
    Jason G'Sell
    Custom Education Sr. Facilitator

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2020 is in the rearview, but employees will still be spread out and working safely from home. So the big questions remain: 

How do we empower teams to do their best work from anywhere? 

For starters, IT and business leaders have to lead — by collaborating with each other and including insights and feedback from their employees. 

IT leaders from Guidewire, Dolby and FINRA share their practical tips for how to remain adaptable and flexible to the changing needs of various teams while maintaining the security of the organization.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Create a framework for understanding employees’ pain points and preferences
  • Evaluate tools for enterprise security, UX, and scalability
  • Ensure successful adoption of new tools through internal marketing and close vendor partnerships

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