• Speaker 1
    Wayne Kurtzman
    Research Vice President, Social, Communities, and Collaboration, IDC
  • Speaker 1
    Varun Parmar
    Chief Operating Officer, Miro
  • Speaker 3
    Mark Strande
    Chief Information Security Officer, Miro
  • Speaker 4
    Shannon Forrest
    Enterprise Solutions Engineering Leader, Miro
  • Speaker 5
    Jason G'Sell
    Custom Education Sr. Facilitator
  • Speaker 6
    JaKyle Sosa
    Custom Education Sr. Facilitator

On-Demand Product Launch Keynote

More and more important work is happening in collaboration tools: According to IDC, their use grew by 25% in 2022. You know that securing and governing those tools is more crucial than ever. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our latest innovation: Enterprise Guard.

In this broadcast of highlights from our launch event with guest speaker Wayne Kurtzman, Research Vice President for Collaboration and Communities at IDC, you'll learn:

  • What trends will play out this year in the enterprise collaboration space
  • How companies are securing the data in visual collaboration tools today and what a best-case future looks like
  • How Enterprise Guard lets you find and secure sensitive content, manage the entire content lifecycle, and support legal discovery and preservation needs — automatically and at scale

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