• Speaker 1
    Varun Parmar
    Head of Product at Miro
  • Speaker 1
    Wayne Kurtzman
    Research VP, Social, Communities, and Collaboration at IDC

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Visual collaboration is transforming how people work. To seamlessly share ideas, create alignment, and deliver results across teams there is an ever-growing need for better collaboration. Business leaders are looking to enable their teams to increase productivity with collaborative tools.

In this webinar, IDC’s VP of Research, and Miro’s Head of Product discuss the finding of a new Miro-commissioned IDC white paper, “The Business Value of Miro,” which goes over new quantitative data and insights based on seven interviews with Miro Enterprise customers across the globe.

Key Takeways: 
  • Why the shift to hybrid work has made visual collaboration more of a necessity vs. a “nice to have” 
  • How economic conditions and employee engagement expectations are driving the need for visual collaboration
  • The challenges real customers faced and how Miro helped solve them
  • The direct impact deploying a tool like Miro has on an organization 

This webinar is most relevant for technology professionals and business decision-makers. 

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